Olde Severna Park Improvement Association

The Shed Replacement Project         January 3, 2018


Our Historian, Alison Burbage, says her best guess on the age of the current shed is about 60 years old. It has been 17 years since a new roof was put on. The current Shed size is 36’x 12’ which works out to a total of 432 sq  ft of outside area. The main storage area inside is 10 x 22 for 220sq ft with the storage closet  at 108 sq ft for a total of 328 sq ft of storage and the port-o-pot comprising 36 sq ft.


Current Shed

  • Shed Closet is subject to flooding and spoilage of supplies kept there.
  • Main storage area is still low but does not flood as regularly as the closet.
  • The electrical box is maxed out and frequently blows a circuit.
  • Roofing tiles are 18 years old.
  • Storage area is cramped despite frequent cleanings.

Other Communities looking to update their facilities that we know of:

  • Linstead looking at adding Toilets increasing the size of their Storage and Kitchen area.
  • Oakleigh Forest is studying updating their meeting room and pool.
  • Carrolton Manor is in process of building a new meeting room.
  • Epping forest has completed their update



With this in mind, a committee made up of Mike Adams, Roy Higgs Bob Northfield, Drew Larkin, DJ Gile and Mark Fulton was appointed to look into and make recommendations for a replacement of our current shed.  A part of the discussions was consideration of a community meeting room. In evaluating uses for the Community Room, the committee discussed some of the following:


  • Socials, Wine tasting etc.
  • Year round events.
  • Bridge, card games, Bingo etc.
  • Winter day child events
  • Board meetings.
  • Committee meetings.
  • Private event rentals.
  • Family gatherings.
  • As one person pointed out, if you build it, we will find new uses for it.
  • The space would be available for any Board approved community wide event with out charge.
  • The community room would also be available for private parties with pretty much the same rules we use now for the Pavilion for a fee.



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As directed by the Board, the committee has developed 3 options as follows:


  1. Option A: Community Room, Restrooms, separate Storage room
  2. .Community Room 24 x 35= 840 sq ft;
  3. Small storage room 13 x 8=104; Large Storage room 16 x 22=352; total Storage =456 sq ft.
  4. Community Room capacity approx. 80 people.
  5. Unisex restrooms would replace the port-o-pots.
  6. Restrooms would be have both a toilet and a urinal separated by a partition.
  7. A small space heater would be required for winter months to prevent freezing.
  8. Restrooms will feature a baby changing table in each room.
  9. Toilet cover dispensers and high velocity hand dryers (no paper towels)
  10. Mirror with a light over the sink.
  11. Janitor’s closet for cleaning supplies and equipment.
  12. The doors will have a combination lock with a timer that can lock the doors at night so they can’t be used.
  13. Upgraded electrical box.
  14. The restrooms require a grinder pump that liquefies the sewage and pumps it up to the top of the hill to connect with the AA County sewer system.
  15. Community Room is air conditioned w Mitsubishi wall unit Heat & cooling system.
  16. Big Screen TV mounted on the West wall.
  17. East side kitchenette w Sink, cabinets and microwave. No stove.
  18. Lockers and Paddleboards would be on the backside of the building.
  19. Azek planking on decks.
  20. 27 Lockers 33 paddle board racks.
  21. Designed for minimal maintenance.
  22. Building is designed to withstand a significant tidal surge. All concrete Walls.
  23. Estimated Cost $300,000




Option B    Storage &  Rest Rooms

  1. 18’x 36 = 648 sq ft. This is 50% larger than the current shed.
  2. Two Unisex handicapped Rest rooms 6’ x 12’= 72’ sq ft.
  3. Supply cage and the main storage area (576 sq ft).
  4. We would upgrade the electrical box.
  5. Since the building and port-o-pots are raised, it will require pretty much the same decking foot print as version Option A & B.
  6. It would be finished with lattice and trim to make it look attractive.
  7. Lockers and Paddleboard racks would be around back.
  8. . Estimated Cost:   $200,000


Option C   Storage & Port-o-pots

  1. Same as B except Port-o-pots instead of Restrooms
  2. Estimated cost:  $135,000



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  • A new position on the Board would oversee the operations of the Building.
  • Restrooms checked by guards in the morning and afternoon during season.
  • As with the pavilion, a private party event in the community room would be cleaned by the users with loss of deposit if not properly cleaned.
  • Maintenance cleaning for the community room and restrooms would be by the hired custodian
  • Friday am and Monday am cleaning May – September
  • Monday am, once a week cleaning in off season. Friday cleaning for weekend events

and as needed.

  • Eliminate “Gotugo” service, save $5,500 a year (Options A & B)
  • Rentals handled pretty much the same as Pavilion.
  • Locker rentals, Paddle Boards, Private Parties will provide income.


























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