Olde Severna Park Clubhouse
Below are the plan drawings for our proposed shed replacement. There are 3 versions: Version 1 replaces the current shed with a same length building but is 6' wider. Version 1 has two Port-o-pots the same as we currently have and a supply closet.  Version 2 has the same foot print as 1 but includes restrooms.  Version 3 has the restrooms and a 2nd floor meeting room. Please note, base on member feedback, there are two versions of the restrooms:  2A and 3A. The regular version has one stall in the Ladies room and the "A" versions have two stalls.
Please look through the plans and give me a call or email with any questions.
Yes we can! 
Newth Morris
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 3 (2nd floor)